• Working with the Crows

    Working as a Physio at the Adelaide Crows is a very rewarding and demanding position. Mark Nagel has to be be at all training sessions and games and do whatever is possible to help players get over their injuries as quick as possible.

    This means Mark has to travel with the players to their interstate games which involves plenty of planes and hotels. “We aim to leave no stone unturned in attempting to get the players better. This can sometimes require flying to see experts all around the country to assist in treatment approaches as well as always staying on top of new information and new ideas”.

    The opportunity to work with highly motivated and extremely fit people makes the job very rewarding and further fuels Mark’s passion for football. The role is totally satisfying due to the wide range of activities performed like going to draft camps to check out potential new recruits, attending training sessions, analysing videos of player exercises, traveling across the country and treating everything from a sore hamstring to headaches to back pain and sore knees.

    At work…

  • Injury of the Month

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      This is a very debilitating injury that stops the athlete in their tracks as the Achilles tendon at the back of the ankle snaps and prevents any further activity. Fortunately it isn’t common but a number of high profile athletes have suffered from this including David Beckham and Kobe Bryant. Typically it is an injury […]