Soft Tissue Treatment

Soft tissue injuries are the most common injuries in sport. Soft tissue refers to the tissue that connects, supports or surrounds other structures in the body and includes muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, fat, blood vessels and fascia. Types of soft tissue injury include, bruising, sprains and strains.

A thorough warm up and cool down if playing sport can help prevent a soft tissue injury. If you do sustain an injury, the RICER (rest, ice, compression, elevation and referral to a Doctor or Physio) protocol should be followed for the first 48 hours.

The biggest risk factor for developing a soft tissue injury is previous injury. We therefore recommend seeking treatment early from one of our physiotherapist to help guide you on a path to full resolution of the problem and a safe return to sport.

Common treatment involves managing swelling and pain initially, followed by mobilising and stretching the area to regain full movement. Regaining strength, balance and agility completes the rehabilitation process. We will guide you along this path and educate you on correct warm up and cool down procedures to prevent the injury becoming a reoccurring one.

Dry Needling

adelaide-crows-sports-medicine-dry-needling-acupunctureDry needling is used for treatment of muscle pain and involves inserting thin acupuncture type needles into tight bands or trigger spots in the muscle.

If you think you would like to try dry needling, be sure to ask the receptionist when making your booking to ensure you see one of our Physiotherapists trained in this area.