Core Services at the Adelaide Crows Sport Medicine Clinic

  • Sports Injury Treatments

    We provide leading Physiotherapy techniques to elite sport persons and everyday people who want expert treatments with personalised care.

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  • Chronic Pain Management

    Chronic pain is debilitating.  Through education and graded exercise, we can help guide you on the path to improved function and quality of life.

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  • Rehabilitation

    Our state of the art facilities allow you to do all your rehabilitation in the one location with progression and guidance of your programme by our physiotherapists.

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    • Back and Joint Treatment

      We use a variety of techniques to treat back and joint pain. Thorough assessment allows us to determine if the joint is stiff, moves too much or perhaps is being overworked due to problems elsewhere. Treatment techniques can include mobilising or manipulating stiff joints, changing biomechanics if overuse is an issue, or strengthening programmes if the joints are too mobile. — Read More

    • Soft Tissue Treatment

      Soft tissue injuries are the most common injuries in sport. Soft tissue refers to the tissue that connects, supports or surrounds other structures in the body and includes muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, fat, blood vessels and fascia. Types of soft tissue injury include, bruising, sprains and strains. — Read More

    • Dry Needling

      Dry needling is used for treatment of muscle pain and involves inserting thin acupuncture type needles into tight bands or trigger spots in the muscle.

      If you think you would like to try dry needling, be sure to ask the receptionist when making your booking to ensure you see one of our Physiotherapists trained in this area. — Read More

    • Physio Group Therapy Sessions

      Physio Group Exercise Session exercises involve movements of the whole body. These exercises have been used successfully as a method of rehabilitation for spinal pain, sciatica, arthritic conditions, postural problems including headache, work injuries, sports injuries and following hip, knee and shoulder surgery. — Read More

    • Hydrotherapy, Aquatone and Gym

      Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, we unfortunately do not have access to use the Crows pool or Gym at this time.  To protect the players. our patients and all the support staff are no longer able to share these amazing facilities until the risk of contraction has passed.

    • Education and Advice

      During your initial assessment, we aim to provide you with a clear understanding of your problem. This means we will explain:

      • what we think the problem is
      • what factors have contributed to it
      • what we can do to help you get better
      • what you can do to help yourself.— Read More


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