• Physiotherapy Group Exercise Sessions

    These sessions are suitable for anyone that needs to exercise to improve pain and function or if injury hampers your attempts at getting fitter and stronger. Having a physiotherapist design and supervise your exercises means you can work towards your goals and learn strategies to move well and keep injury free. The program will include Physio Group Equipment exercises, light weights and resisted bands, balance and fit ball exercises. Physio Group exercises involve movements of the whole body. Emphasis is on control of movement, maintenance of good posture, flexibility, breathing and developing a strong core.

    Our trained physiotherapists will discuss, assess and help guide exercise goals.  An exercise program is then designed to suit your needs and current capabilities.  Exercises are initially taught one on one to develop a good grasp of the fundamentals.   You can then continue with your program in a small class setting which are fully supervised by a Physiotherapist, to ensure correct technique and regular progression.

    Steps to get started on your Exercise Program:

    1. Book in with a physio for an assessment
    2. Have 2 one on one sessions with the physio on the equipment to set up your program
    3. Attend one of our small classes supervised by the physiotherapist
    4. Reassessment every 3 – 6 months to re-examine individual goals and update program

    Most private health insurers offer a rebate for supervised classes.