• Hands-on Physiotherapy

    Adelaide Crows Sports Medicine Clinic Physiotherapists have a definite hands on bias when it is indicated which may include, joint mobilisation, manipulation, massage, stretching, dry needling and neural mobilisation.

    We also utilise modalities such as heat, ultrasound, electric and magnetic field to assist recovery.

    We will work with you to find long term solutions to your problem and not just offer a quick fix. This will often involve exercise prescriptions to help regain better movement and strength.

    Back and Joint Treatment

    We use a variety of techniques to treat back and joint pain. Thorough assessment allows us to determine if the joint is stiff, moves too much or perhaps is being overworked due to problems elsewhere. Treatment techniques can include mobilising or manipulating stiff joints, changing biomechanics if overuse is an issue, or strengthening programmes if the joints are too mobile.

  • Physiotherapy Techniques:
    • Manipulation
    • Massage
    • Dry Needling
    • Mobilisation

“We are committed to achieving the best possible treatment outcomes to get you back doing what you love, for the long term.” Sandy Woolman – Physio


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