Programmes and Equipment for your thorough recovery

Rehabilitation following injury provides the best chance of a successful return to activity, avoiding reoccurring problems and disability. We take no shortcuts and provide state of the art facilities and resources to ensure a successful outcome for you. Facilities include a pool, gymnasium and Physio Group Exercise Session studio, which allows you to do all your rehabilitation on site with direct supervision and appropriate progression of exercises by the Physiotherapist.

  • Hydrotherapy

    We offer hydrotherapy classes to utilize the properties of heated water to help restore movement, strength and well being, when moving on land is difficult or painful. — Read More

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  • Physio Group Exercise Sessions

    Our Physio Group Exercise Sessions involve the use of equipment to allow progressive strengthening and flexibility of your problem area/s with direct supervision of your individualized programme by the Physiotherapist. — Read More

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  • Gym

    Gym programmes are developed and supervised by the Physiotherapist as a means to further strengthen your body and improve your fitness to achieve optimal recovery. — Read More

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