Knee Injury & Pain

Knees injuries are serious to your mobility.

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Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction

Unfortunately a very common but substantial knee injury is the ACL injury which costs the athlete 9-12 months on the sidelines. After accurate diagnosis and specialised orthopaedic reconstruction the patient can start the exciting part of rehabilitation. The early stages involve swelling management, restoring knee range of movement and learning to walk again.

Once the initial discomfort subsides, then early muscle strength exercises can begin with endurance and power work being gradually introduced into the program.

Depending on the surgeon, most people begin to run at the 3-5 months mark and gradually progress from straight line running through to full paced agility work. The last major stage is the reintegration back into training and playing. Physios can help people through all of these stages and provide treatment, support, education and advice to achieve the desired outcome.