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  • Osteoporosis

    The Facts Osteoporosis is a disease which reduces the density and quality of bone and affects 2.2 million Australians.   The risk of fracture increases as bones become more porous and fragile.  One in three women and one in five men over 50 will experience an osteoporotic fracture, which is often the first symptom of the […]

  • Corona Virus Update-20/11/2020

    The following information relates to the announcement on the 20/11/20 regarding the earlier than expected reopening of Businesses. Due to the earlier than expected lockdown restrictions lifting, we are pleased to announce we will be open on Monday 23rd November.  Physio group classes will recommence on Monday but will remain at a reduced capacity of […]

  • Heart Health

    Did you know that a heart attack doesn’t always mean chest pain! There are many symptoms from dizziness, to jaw tightness to the distinctive crushing chest pain.…. Symptoms of a Heart Attack Upper back pain Jaw pain or tightness Nausea Shortness of breath Dizziness Lightheadedness Cold sweat Feeling generally unwell Pain and heaviness in the […]

  • Exercise for OA (Osteoarthritis)

    For many, a diagnosis of osteoarthritis (OA) is difficult to accept.  Our preconceived ideas of what this means to our mobility and quality of life can be distressing.  The good news is there is a lot you can do to slow down the progression of the condition and to remain mobile and comfortable.  Exercise for […]