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  • Sleep and Sport Performance

    As a physiotherapist, I make no claims to being a sleep expert.  However at a recent professional development course at the Australian Institute of Sport, I was very interested to learn about the importance of sleep to recovery and sporting performance.  What was also intriguing was just how much sleep some of the worlds top […]


    Concussion: What Can Happen? Concussion is a hot topic in many sporting codes over recent years. What was once thought of as a simple bump to the head is now attracting careful scrutiny and for good reason.  We now know that symptoms of concussion are not always easy to recognise but they can be life […]

  • Ice or Heat for Acute Injury

    Acute Injury Management Treating an acute injury correctly can make a big difference to how quickly you recover.  We are continually asked ” Should I ice the injury or apply heat. Should I rest or get moving?” The immediate treatment of any muscle, joint or ligament injury consists of the RICER protocol for the first […]

  • Dry Needling

    Dry Needling is a technique used by many trained Physios to relieve pain caused by Trigger points,  more commonly known as muscle knots.  Acupuncture needles are placed directly into the trigger point or into tight bands in the muscle.  Dry needling can be superficial which means it is only inserted a few millimetres into the […]