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  • What to Expect When You See the Physio

    What Happens in the Treatment Room? Many patients are unsure about what to expect when they go to a Physio for the first time.  We have outlined what happens in most initial consultations below, to help you prepare. Most initial appointments are about forty minutes in duration. New patients will be asked to fill in […]

  • Unusual Pain Presentations

    If Pain Persists….? Occasionally when you are seeing a physio, the pain persists and the problem doesn’t respond as we would like. Despite our best efforts of a comprehensive assessment and detailed treatment approach, the end result isn’t as the patient or therapist desires.  There are many causes of pain and symptoms and the vast […]

  • Total Knee Replacement

    A total knee replacement is usually a very successful treatment option for a “worn out knee” which is giving the patient daily pain and making mobility difficult. It can improve quality of life and provide an opportunity to get mobile again with comfort. If you have been told that you are likely to need a […]

  • Should I Play with an Injury?

    When to play on? Injuries are an unfortunate and unwelcome part of playing sport. However chances are,  if you play long enough you’ll get injured at some stage. Often there is a decision to be made.  Should you play with an injury? Considerations on whether to play with an injury. This is a difficult question […]